Welcome to Flextech Industries, Ltd.

HomeFlextech Industries, Ltd. specializes in the design and fabrication of dampers and expansion joints to meet a wide variety of general and customer specific application requirements. High quality and professional service are at the heart of what makes us a great company.

At Flextech Industries, Ltd., your needs are our top priority and our staff has the technical knowledge to assist with recommendations as well as the ideal product and component design for your application. Our products are destined for customers throughout the world in varied industries which include, but are not limited to, power generation, cement, pulp and paper, steel, transportation, marine, and chemical & petrochemical.

In addition, we also offer our patented and trademarked Bellowseal® blade seal design which is featured in our Bellowseal® Guillotine and Flap (GTE) Diverter dampers. Its spring-loaded design is the lowest leaking and most cost effective damper seal available to the market.

We pride ourselves on being a single source company for all your damper and expansion joint needs which means unparalleled response to your design and delivery requirements. From start to finish, you can count on us for innovative, reliable, and quality solutions. If you’re looking for a new source or even an alternative, Flextech Industries, Ltd. will deliver on time solutions.